Rex RKF130 Sausage Filler Linker

Regular Price: £25,645.00 + VAT

Sale Price : £23,080.00 + VAT

The REX RKF130 sausage filler is designed for small and medium enterprises with frequent changes in the product range and small quantities of sausage meat. Filling, portioning and twisting off – the RKF 130’s innovative technology combines all these facilities with that of a conventional piston sausage filler.

The RKF130 comes with the portioning only option as standard with the portioning & twisting option available as an optional extra.


  • Sausage Filler External Dimensions (WxDxH) see diagram
  • Sausage Filler Bowl Volume 30 litres
  • Sausage Filler Meat Capacity 60 lb
  • Sausage Filler Portioning Speed 350/min
  • Sausage Filler Weight 400kg

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