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  • Ubert RT403S Chicken Rotisserie

    Ubert RT403S Chicken Rotisserie

    The chicken rotisserie comes as standard with 3 x spits, with each spit holding between 4 and 5 chickens depending on their size. The spits rotate round slowly inside the chicken rotisserie giving the ...


  • Ubert RT406 Chicken Rotisserie

    Ubert RT406 Chicken Rotisserie

    The Ubert RT406 chicken rotisserie can hold upto 30 chickens at any one time over 6 spits. A stand is available as an optional extra. Chicken Rotisserie External Dimensions (WxDxH) 800x600x845mm Chick ...

    £5,705.00 £4,450.00

  • Ubert RT408 Chicken Rotisserie

    Ubert RT408 Chicken Rotisserie

    The RT408 is capable of holding up to 48 chickens on 8 spits with each spit taking 5 chickens. The spits that comes as standard with the machine can be replaced on the chicken rotisserie with baskets ...


  • Ubert RT416 Chicken Rotisserie

    Ubert RT416 Chicken Rotisserie

    The Ubert RT416 chicken rotisserie is simply two RT408 rotisseries stacked one on top of the other, thus creating a chicken rotisserie capable of holding up to 96 chickens at any one time. A stand is ...