Rex RVF 436S Sausage Filler Linker

Price: £69,605.00 + VAT

The REX RVF 436S provides vacuum filling for the medium to high volume producer (excess 5000kg/week). It comes complete with an integral tote bin lift for mechanised loading of the product. 

The RVF 436S comes with a 250lt hopper as standard and a 300lt hopper is available as an optional extra.

  • Sausage Filler External Dimensions (WxDxH) 2122 x 1619 x 2806mm for 250lt hopper
  • Sausage Filler Power 6kW
  • Sausage Filler Max Portioning Speed Approx 1000/min
  • Sausage Filler Portioning weight 1-99,999grams
  • Sausage Filler Filling Pressure 45bar
  • Sausage Filler Hopper Capacity 250tr/500lb
  • Sausage Filler Weight 1100kg


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