Rex RVF 327S Sausage Filler Linker

Regular Price: £33,305.00 + VAT

Sale Price : £29,975.00 + VAT

The REX RVF327-S Vacuum Filler is the same as the RVF327 but features a servo driven twist motor, this gives you control of the acceleration and deceleration of the twist nozzle and provides the most gentle processing with natural sausage casings. This also allows for a more consistent production with minimum downtime due to skin burst.

The RVF327-S comes as standard with a fixed linking head with a rotating linking head available as an optional extra.

  • Sausage Filler External Dimensions (WxDxH) 1156 x 1043 x 2204mm plus allowance for tiling hopper
  • Sausage Filler Power 5k
  • Sausage Filler Max Portioning Speed Approx 350/mi
  • Sausage Filler Portioning weight 1-99,999grams
  • Sausage Filler Filling Pressure 40bar
  • Sausage Filler Hopper Capacity 90ltr/180lb
  • Sausage Filler Weight 450kg

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