MHS PCE70-21KM Slicer

Regular Price: £12,590.00 + VAT

Sale Price : £11,330.00 + VAT

The NEW MHS PCE70-21KM machine is based off their old model the PCE70-21KS, but with a few new additions to further improve the slicing machine.

The MHS ‘KM’ range of slicing machines is designed for use in supermarkets and medium sized meat processing plants.

The MHS slicers have precise portioning which produces a flat sliced surface that leaves nearly no bone splinters in the slices. Capable of slicing and portioning fresh, frozen or slightly frozen meat down to -4 degrees C.

  • Max product length 750mm
  • Max product cross section 210x230mm
  • Slicer external dimensions 1845x830x1230mm
  • Slicer connected load 400V / 2.7kW
  • Slicer weight 240kg
  • Slicer throughput 220 slices per minute (single blade)
  • Slicer throughput 440 slices epr minute (double blade)
  • Slice thickness 1-32mm

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