MHS PCE70-21ES Slicer

Price: £17,420.00 + VAT

The MHS ‘ES’ range of slicers are the perfect fit for the meat industry. They offer strong and solid performance for continual use of the slicer. The slicers provide precise portioning and the cutter blade produces a flat slice surface with hardly any splintering of bones when cutting chops. The product to be sliced travels down the hopper better due to the structured metal surface, creating less drag on the meat and providing an easily clean chamber.

This machine is available with a conveyor as an optional extra.

  • Max product length 760mm
  • Max product cross section 210x230mm
  • Slicer external dimensions 1860x800x1340mm
  • Slicer connected load 400V / 2.7kW
  • Slicer weight 240kg
  • Slicer throughput 220 slices per minute (single blade)
  • Slicer throughput 440 slices per minute (double blade)
  • Slice thickness 1-760mm


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