Kolbe Minced Meat Portion Line

The Kolbe minced meat portioning line is designed for the medium size producer wanting attractive portions of free flow mince ready for loading trays with reasonably accurate weight control.

Lean meat and fat can be carefully mixed together in a Kolbe Mixer Grinder and then minced out with minimal temperature change onto paper which runs into the PM150 portioner ready for cutting at the set length. This length of minced meat can be easily adjusted for weight control. 

Prices are dependent on several options which would normally require adjusting depending on the individual customer so please ring to discuss your needs 

  • Portioner External Dimensions (WxDxH) 805x2608x1443mm when linked to a MW32-80 Mixer Grinder
  • Portioner Portioning Length 60-280mm
  • Portioner Portioning Weight 200-1500g
  • Portioner Power 0.25kW


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