Italian Pack Olympus Vac Skin/Tray Packer

The Italian Pack Olympus Vac Skin packing machine is a floor standing multi-purpose tray and skin packing machine with a rotary turntable mould system to increase throughput. The skin packing side of the machine can only be used when skin packing product that does not protrude over the top of the tray. If you require a machine that can skin pack products that protrude up to 30mm higher than the top of the tray then the Oceania machine is capable of doing this. (please call for more information and pricing).

As standard the Olympus Vac Skin tray packer comes with a state of the art colour PLC touch screen display with ethernet and USB ports, up to 99 programs, language selection, built-in temperature control and menu driven MAP parameters.

The skin packing machine has a rotating turntable mould system that allows the operator to load and unload one side of the machine whilst the other side is in its cycle, this considerably increases the speed of the machine and makes this one of the fastest MAP machines on the market.

Moulds, Larger Motors & O2 Protection are available as optional extras and prices are dependent on several options which would normally require adjusting depending on the individual customer so please ring to discuss your needs. 

  • External Dimensions 1055 x 1102 x 1510mm
  • Max Tray Depth 140mm
  • Max Film Width 370mm
  • Max Film Diameter 250mm
  • Pump Type Busch 043m3 or 063m3 (not suitable for high Oxygen – red meat)
  • Pump Type Busch 043m3 O2 or 063m3 O2 (for packing red meats / pork etc)
  • Power 1.55 – 5kW (3 phase)

This machine requires a compressor and a set of regulators for the gas bottles.

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