Elpress EKW1500 Tray Washer

Elpress industrial washing systems clean load carriers, crates, pallets or boxes. This means dealing efficiently with costs and the environment; our systems are thrifty with water, energy and cleaning agents, without making concessions to the cleaning itself. Moreover, our installations are user-friendly, ergonomically responsible and of proven quality. 

A Dosage pump for rinse aid, 20kw heating element, one man operation and input & output tables are all available as optional extras.

  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) 2382x1300x1700mm
  • Max Capacity 170 per hour
  • Max Tray Width 600mm
  • Tray Height 70-410mm
  • Water Tank Capacity 180 litre
  • Pump Size 5.5kW
  • Electrical heating 12kW (standard)



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