Turbovac TPS Compact XL Tray Packer

Price: £12,780.00 + VAT

The Turbovac TPS Compact XL tray packing machine is especially designed for packing food products with modified atmosphere. The tray packing machine works using a drawer type mechanism, where you place the trays into the mould in the drawer and the product into the tray, you then push the drawer in and press the start button the machine begins to work. The tray packing machine has the ability to fill the sealed tray with a gas to pro-long shelf life. (each product has a special combination of gases which pro-longs the shelf life)

The tray packing machine runs off a single phase supply and each different tray you wish to use will need its own special mould to hold the trays. Swapping over the moulds in the tray packing machine is easy to do without tools and does not take long at all.

Moulds & O2 Protection are available as optional extras.

  • Tray Packer Working Height 850mm
  • Tray Packer Max Tray Depth 120mm
  • Tray Packer Max Film Width 450mm
  • Tray Packer Max Film Depth 250mm
  • Tray Packer Pump Busch 21 (not suitable for high oxygen – red meat)
  • Tray Packer Optional Oxygen Pump Busch 21
  • Tray Packer Power 1.5kW (1phase)


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