Hoonved HD130 BT Utensil Washer

Regular Price: £13,530.00 + VAT

Sale Price : £12,180.00 + VAT

The Hoonved HD range of utensil washers are capable of satisfying all washing requirements for the bakery, butchery, ice cream and catering.

A condensing unit is available as an optional extra. This takes the steam produced from the washing cycle and re-circulates the heat from it back into heating up the water entering the machine which reduces the amount of power required to get this water up to temp and ready for the wash cycle. The other benefit of using the condensing unit is the lack of steam when opening the utensil washer after a washing cycle, and therefore reduces the requirement of an extracting unit being fitted.

An external shower, wheels, auto 10L or 14L water softener & drain pump are all also available as optional extras.

  • Utensil washer external dimensions (WxDxH) 1506x915x1870/2170mm
  • Utensil washer wash space dimensions (WxDxH) 1320x700x650mm
  • Utensil washer cycle length 2, 4, 6 or 8.5 mins
  • Utensil washer construction st/st AISI 304 double wall
  • Utensil washer rinse-aid dispenser standard
  • Utensil washer detergent pump standard
  • Utensil washer tank capacity 132L
  • Utensil washer boiler capacity 14.5L
  • Utensil washer water consumption/cycle 8L
  • Utensil washer electrical connection 400V 3N ~ 50Hz

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